One Source of Truth

Core project data is collected and organized so all parties are aligned with access to the right data. Quadri collaboration platform uses a live, evolving central BIM model, to ensure all stakeholders have the latest construction project information available.


Simplify the work process with integrated solutions

Avoid vendor lock-in, and continue to design in your preferred software in a bidirectional workflow in a live updated collaboration model. Trimble Quadri allows a work process where the data is stored in the shared model – one source of truth. The goal is to simply avoid duplication of data. Trimble Quadri civil BIM collaboration software is open through open formats, by connectors and APIs

Quadri Connectors
Quadri fully integrated Novapoint
Quadri Connector for Trimble Connect
Quadri Connector for Trimble Quantm
Quadri Connector for Trimble Tilos
Quadri Connector for SketchUp
Quadri Connector for Tekla Structures
Quadri Connector for Trimble Business Center
Quadri Connector for Rhino with Grasshopper
Quadri Connector for Civil 3D
Quadri Connector for Revit
Quadri Connector for OpenRoads Designer
Quadri Connector for ProjectWise

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Construction ready data model

Quadri combines the power and knowledge of GIS with the geometric complexity of volume objects from CAD/BIM. When information is stored in a unified and structured way, multiple stakeholders can run their information take off. Extract volumes and export to open formats like IFC/LandXML, based on geographical location.

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Classify information and data objects

Classify the data in a feature type catalog, either through a standard setup or a customized classification to fit your needs. Bridge the data gap between planning, design, construction and asset management with a customized feature catalog. Organize information on all objects and classify the objects in a structured way. The feature catalog is using industry-standard ISO 19100 series. Reach out for more information on a customized feature catalog.

Intelligent data

Quadri organizes and identifies data along a civil and road network network, by object-oriented coordinate geometry. Objects in the network are aligned and have a linear position with an XYZ coordinate position.

Quantity takeoff

Generate quantities from the complete model. Efficient and accurate quantity takeoff can be extracted from Quadri, independent of what tool was used to create the data.

Share and receive changes

A large challenge often seen in construction projects is knowing how the combined model has changed since the last coordination meeting. With Trimble Quadri collaboration software, you get an easy overview of who has done what and when in real-time, since all modifications are linked to a work process.

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Track changes

See who did what, when. What tasks were involved, and what happened with them (new, changed, deleted). Track the project in real time with quick access using Topics, based on BCF standards from buildingSMART for creating comments.

Easy collaboration with team members

It is easy to scale your project by adding more people. Share model-data across all disciplines, with all stakeholders in the project and get everyone on the same page. No need to duplicate data, designers, owners and contractors have everything they need in the same software using the same data.

Share models, not only files

What happens when users share changes to Quadri? Tasks and objects are shared instead of files going back and forth. Task captures the process information and makes sure it is broken down into actual execution. The number of drawings are reduced by having everything you need in the model.

Validate, compare and optimize corridors for road and railway projects

Quantm Corridor is a light version of Quantm and is the perfect solution for early phase concepts to evaluate multiple choices of an infrastructure corridor between point A and B. Quantm Corridor is included in Quadri as a separate installation but accessed with your Quadri license.

3D BIM Model

Get all the information you need with multiple ways of viewing your BIM model, from 3D views to plan view to table view. Generate cross and long sections along any construction alignment to check the layered structures of the sub-surface layers and the road structure.

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3D View

Look at your model from a 3D perspective. The Quadri 3D view includes a number of powerful navigation possibilities, and texturing for enhanced presentation quality for real-world look and feel.


Have an overview of what has happened with a timeline view of all model changes the last days. See who did what, when. What tasks were involved, and what happened with them (new, changed, deleted). List all comments in a SMS style.

Visualizer view

Design and view the BIM model in a virtual real-world environment, with complex gaming style texturing, sun/shadow effects, waves, clouds, fences.


View properties and have full control of feature-, task- and network properties

Morten Klokkersveen

Norwegian Rail Administration Project Director

Model based design gave at least 90% reduction in produced drawings for the planning phase.

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