Civil BIM Collaboration

Use one central model for construction projects to create real-time collaboration between field and office


Quadri is your common data environment for continuous sharing of models in production. Trimble offers a cooperative platform for infrastructure projects. Empowering real-time collaboration in one central model while it enables you to keep track of changes and access the model seamlessly anywhere, at any time.

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Powerful Model

Share your central model in the cloud according to BIM requirements (BIM maturity from levels 3 and 4). Quadri provides a shareable “single source of truth” for core project data that needs to be aligned, well organized, up-to-date, and easy to get to all parties. >

  • Object-oriented for classify information
  • Orchestrating project activities by organizing task and objects in an easy process overview
  • Time and Model Maturity
  • All data has a well defined and known location
  • Network and linear location to all objects
  • Open through open formats, by connectors and APIs

Integrated Work Processes

All modifications are linked to a work process. You track issues or any other clarification in the model with notification and alerts to anyone in the team.

  • Collaboration using the model comments
  • Share object and task – not files
  • One single source of truth to your model-data
  • Multiple users working parallel and share model-data across disciplines
  • With support for a model-oriented way of working, fewer drawings are needed in the construction project

Information Views

Get all the information you need with multiple ways of viewing your model, from 3D views to long and cross sections views. Through the Table view, Quadri also supports efficient and accurate quantity takeoff across the complete model, independent of what tool was used to create the data.

  • 3D view
  • Topics view
  • Visualizer view
  • Long-section view
  • Cross-section view
  • Plan view
  • Properties view
  • Timeline view
  • Explorer view

Interact in a Open Environment

Quadri supports API/connections and open formats, so that contractors, owners, and engineers may interact in the common shared model, Quadri. Extracting data and use it, instead of duplicating data.

  • Full visibility and transparency between office and field
  • Deliver a coherent and constructible model that is able to be
  • Connecting construction data from multiple vendors
  • The dataflow to and from Quadri is simplified through open formats or Import/Export possibilities

Explore the Power of Civil BIM Collaboration from Trimble

Are you ready for BIM throughout the construction project lifecycle and looking for a Common Data Environment?

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Data Integrations

Office-to-Field Integration

Simplify communication between office and field with visibility to ongoing and latest design, also to design that is not ready to be built is useful for planning purposes in field.

Quantity takeoff across the complete model

With table view, Quadri gives you accurate quantity takeoff across the model, independent of what tools were used to create the data.

Integrated software

Avoid vendor lock-in, and continue to design in your preferred software in a bidirectional workflow in a live updated collaboration model. No data duplication.


Build integration and connect your data to Quadri. Customize Quadri to your needs with APIs.

Connect Your Data:

Solution integrations to make your construction workflows quicker and smarter.

  • Trimble Novapoint
  • Trimble Connect
  • Trimble SketchUp
  • Trimble Tekla Structures
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Trimble Quantm
  • Rhino with Grasshopper
  • Civil 3D
  • Revit
  • Open Roads Designer
  • ProjectWise
Connected Construction

Discover the power of connected construction technology

Maximize productivity of each phase of the construction project lifecycle by leveraging Trimble advanced construction software – specifically built to connect each step, role and stakeholder. From concept and design to schedule and project management, construct and build and even the operate and maintain phases of construction, our integrated software solutions use the power of connected data and workflows to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and produce more profit.

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Collaborate with Civil BIM Information

Shared data with Trimble’s Civil BIM Collaboration software ensures all project contributors have the latest information to empower their decisions and become more productive.

Katrin Johannesdottir

Senior Adviser - Digitalization, VDC and BIM in Civil Infrastructure, Skanska

Our simultaneous design and construction process need transparency to the engineering work, both to influence on the constructability and to be able to plan our daily construction work. We need to see all "ongoing" design to get the complete picture.

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