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Monitor jobsite activity and real-time progress to plan remotely with WorksOS


Track your work and jobsite data from the field with Trimble WorksOS, created for site supervisors and project managers to maximize jobsite efficiency. Explore our advanced construction technology and new cloud-based operating system delivering 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan, remotely, with critical project information straight from the machine.

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See Jobsite Data in a Productivity Dashboard

View the progress to plan for each civil construction project in a single dashboard with our advanced construction technology software. Accurately calculate the productivity of each construction asset and associate it to direct project costs. With real-time cut, fill, volume, and compaction data at your fingertips, you’ll benefit from increased visibility of machine and job site productivity as as project manager or site supervisor.

  • Real-time cut, fill, volume, and compaction data
  • One dashboard for all civil construction project information
  • Ability to adjust daily work targets to stay on schedule
  • Live daily volume and advanced compaction quality metrics
  • Visibility into which machine is being fully or under utilized

Keep Construction Jobsite Progress on Track

Easily track work completed vs work remaining on your construction project to save costs. Drive your equipment and jobsite machine activity from a central site design for real-time progress versus plan updates from the field. Allow for your construction design to model and shift the work as it changes, making sure you get the best utilization out of your machines. Translate your job site machine data from the field into timing and cost savings for the project with Trimble WorksOS.

  • Volume and compaction progression relative to a central site design
  • Activity setup to define the start/end, quantity, and design targets
  • Data flows seamlessly between all stages of the construction project
  • Integrated designs from Trimble Business Center published through Trimble WorksManager
  • Machine location and status updates
  • Upload capability for surveyed surfaces and designs in WorksOS

Avoid Re-Work with 3D Productivity Monitoring

Avoid costly re-work with WorksoS. Get complete visibility at your fingertips with real-time job site productivity data with Trimble WorksOS advanced construction operations management software. Automate field data collection for accurate, real-time information about the progress of work done with respect to the design in terms of production quantities, area graded or area compacted. With WorksOS, we provide transparency across your entire project and organization so operators and supervisors can make smarter on-site decisions.

  • 2D cut/fill maps for material movement
  • Pass count maps for compaction
  • Real-time progress from machine as-built, topographical survey and drone survey input
  • Filtering capabilities based on machines, geofences, and lifts
  • Integration with Trimble WorksManager for design and asset management

Progressive Volume Charts

View progressive volumes of earth moved over time to understand and analyze site productivity trends. View and export accurate and real-time cumulative volumes, presented in daily or weekly totals, as a graph, table or map.

  • Real-time cumulative totals of earth moved
  • Daily or weekly volumes in graph, table or map formats
  • Export for use across your business
  • Based on accurate machine and survey data

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Seamless Data Flow from Design to Construct


Integrated Site Design

Projects from Trimble Business Center and WorksManager are automatically transferred into Trimble’s WorksOS operations management system for accurate comparison between ‘planned’ and ‘actual’ work.

Project and Machine Association

Project-machine association within Trimble WorksManager is automatically honored within WorksOS and reporting machines are visible on the same cut/fill map.

Automated Field Data Collection

Real-time collection of field conditions from Trimble Earthworks, Trimble Siteworks, and Trimble Stratus, to understand of work completed vs. work remaining.

Connect Your Construction Data:

Advanced technology solution integrations to make your construction management workflows quicker and smarter.

  • Trimble Business Center
  • Trimble WorksManager
  • Trimble Machine Control
  • Trimble Siteworks Positioning System
  • Trimble Stratus
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Get More out of Your Machine Control Systems with Trimble WorksOS

Implementing machine control is often the pivotal moment in a construction contractor’s growth. Could you be getting even more out of those systems?

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Collaborate & Empower with Jobsite Productivity Information

Shared data from Trimble’s jobsite management solution ensures all project contributors have the latest construction project information to empower their decisions and become more productive.



WorksOS is recognized as one of the most significant new products announced in 2020 by leading construction publications. These awards aim to emphasize innovations and highlight those who are investing in research and development. 

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Britton Lawson


Machine mapping in real-time providing progress quantities. You can filter down to the hour or minute really on material moved on a site. The story of the data can be viewed in a map view showing where the equipment worked. I’m excited where this can go and what it means for production tracking!

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