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Quickly create accurate, integrated 3D constructible models for construction surveying and machine control

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Trimble Business Center calculates earthwork and material quantities for bids, preparing data for construction stakeout, building 3D models to optimize machine operation, track productivity and deliver first-class as-built documentation — seamless and efficient.

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TBC Subscription Plans to Start and Scale

Trimble Business Center offers six subscription options to help any size company start using our advanced quantity takeoff and integrated construction data software. Our Construction edition is customized to include data prep, survey, construction takeoff, mass haul and advanced corridor planning of construction projects.

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The following six subscription editions of our takeoff software are available for purchase:

  • Site + Field – For data prep, survey, surface, alignment, and corridor
  • Survey + Mapping – For complete survey, scanning, and mapping workflows
  • Construction – For complete data prep, survey, takeoff, mass haul, and advanced corridor planning
  • Aerial Survey – For UAV processing and survey
  • Mobile Mapping – For mobile mapping customers focused on MX9 processing
  • Enterprise – For all core surveying and vertical surveying and construction workflows mentioned above, including aerial surveying and tunneling

Construction Site Modeling

Speed up the bidding process and increase profit margins with advanced construction site modeling capabilities. Our enhanced surface modeling software allows for simplified takeoffs with customizations. Create a construction material takeoff with more detail to help with your bidding and estimating process through earthwork summary reports. Trimble Business Center will help you win more bids by quickly preparing accurate, 3D constructible models for machine control, construction surveying, and takeoff or quantity estimating.

  • Data preparation for machine control to help improve construction productivity
  • Construction project site takeoff and quantity estimating
  • Includes earthwork summary report with customizable configurations
  • Rapidly create, edit and draft, generate reports and plots, and publish information
  • Reduce rework by ensuring construction data is clean, up-to-date and delivered in the right format

CAD Modeling and Data Prep Tools

Trimble Business Center gives you the ability to always know where your data is coming from with our integrated construction solution. Create CAD deliverables, and leverage full data traceability throughout a project’s lifecycle with our wide range of data prep tools. Our construction data tools help increase the efficiency of your workflows, including tunneling, monitoring, aerial photogrammetry and quantity estimating for takeoffs. Make better decisions, decrease costly mistakes, and increase efficiency on the jobsite with Trimble Business Center modeling software.

  • CAD and drafting surfaces and volumes
  • Takeoff and mass haul calculations
  • Road and corridor takeoff and quantity estimating
  • Utility modeling for construction
  • Drill and pile plans
  • Civil infrastructure and tunneling Enhancements with additional data types
  • Automated 3D Point Cloud Extraction

Survey and Quantity Estimating Tools

If you want to win more projects and remain profitable, you need to ensure you’re starting off with precise data and accurate construction modeling information when creating your construction takeoff. TBC uses advanced data and calculations to help your quantity estimating and processing stay accurate in order to create integrated construction models. Provide high-accuracy GNSS data in a seamless experience for Trimble Business Center takeoff software, for users who do both survey and construction work.

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  • Takeoff and Mass Haul Calculations
  • Field data QA/QC
  • Adjustment and COGO
  • Trimble VISION and aerial photogrammetry
  • Scanning and point clouds
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Mobile mapping

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Learn how you can easily create takeoffs and seamlessly manage data between the office and field with Trimble Business Center in our quick video overview
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Data Integrations

Office-to-Field Integration

Simplify communication from your office application to the field by seamlessly managing data between Trimble Business Center, Trimble WorksManager, and your machine and survey devices.

To take full advantage of office-to-field interoperability, see more about the Trimble Jobsite Connectivity Bundle here.

Aerial Mapping Input

Integration with Trimble Stratus software enables sharing of accurate information about work sites and assets based on drone mapping and measurements.

Integrated Site Design

Projects from Trimble Business Center and WorksManager are automatically transferred into WorksOS for accurate comparison between ‘planned’ and ‘actual’ work.

Connect Your Data:

Solution integrations to make your construction workflows quicker and smarter.

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Improved Processes. Better Outcomes.

Trimble Business Center makes Connected Construction a reality

See how one of the largest earthworks moving contractors in the State of New Hampshire uses Trimble’s takeoff solution to create an accurate, integrated 3D constructible model.

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Collaborate with Takeoff & Site Modeling Information

Shared data from Trimble’s takeoff & site modeling software ensures all project contributors have the latest information to empower their decisions and become more productive.


Meet WorksOS

A new operating system technology platform that integrates data to deliver 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan into a single dashboard to increase construction productivity.

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Patrick L' Heureux

Patrick L' Heureux

Project Engineer, Severino Trucking

“You can create complex surface models, tabulate earthwork quantities, model utilities in 3D and employ your quantities off of that…"

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