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Trimble provides contractors with the most sophisticated, advanced estimating software tools available to develop and manage construction cost estimates with real world accuracy. Pricing bids, monitoring on-site progress and forecasting requirements are all seamlessly handled by Quest’s innovative approach to budget management. Our easy to use construction estimating software will help you win and complete more civil construction projects.


Cost estimation and bidding

Producing an accurate project bid is the first step of any successful construction contract. Trimble understands the importance of modelling costs with real world accuracy, and Quest provides the platform and tooling required to achieve this.

  • Create or import bids with ease
  • Cloud based collaboration across teams
  • Build and reuse costing libraries
  • Rapidly produce detailed cost estimates
  • Manage and compare supplier and subcontractor quotes
  • Analyze bids using key project indicators

Real-time budget management

By providing the necessary tooling to continuously track progress and monitor allowed expenditure, Quest ensures project profitability by enabling the contractor to immediately identify and correct cost overruns.

  • Capture on-site progress
  • Produce claim certificates
  • Continuously report on resource utilization
  • Produce budget reports to compare to actuals
  • Share real-time budget insights

Forecasting and business intelligence

Quest provides sophisticated forecasting and business intelligence tools, to enable contractors to take a proactive approach to managing risk and steering a project to success.

  • Link estimates to project plans and schedules
  • Forecast resource and cash flow requirements
  • Improve business intelligence and project performance with dynamic reporting

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Data Integrations

Office to field integration

React to cost overruns in real time by sharing progressive budget data from the field with the office in real time

Linking quantity and time

Seamlessly translate your quantity based estimates to time based schedules, ensuring data consistency between estimators and planners.

Connecting the supply chain

Incorporate and connect data from suppliers and subcontractors directly to your estimates, streamlining and optimizing your operations.

Connect Your Data:

Solution integrations to make your construction workflows quicker and smarter.

  • Trimble Quadri (Coming Soon)
  • Trimble Business Center (Coming Soon)
  • Trimble WorksOS (Coming Soon)
  • Trimble Viewpoint (Coming Soon)
Connected Construction

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Maximize productivity of each phase of the construction project lifecycle by leveraging Trimble advanced construction software – specifically built to connect each step, role and stakeholder. From concept and design to schedule and project management, construct and build and even the operate and maintain phases of construction, our integrated software solutions use the power of connected data and workflows to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and produce more profit.

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