Estimating & Takeoff

Calculate all viable alternatives and define accurate costs estimations

When preparing an estimate you need accurate construction and project cost projections from conceptual design through project close out. Trimble construction software helps you:


  • Accurate Cost Estimates

    Identify all related costs to your project and detect conflict instantly.

  • Reduce Costs

    Create Schedules with the Right Estimates

    Combing Gantt schedules, construction site plan, heights, earth mass handling, scales, histograms all in on view.

  • site manager

    Detailed Cost Analysis

    Ensure all geological factors, mass handling and climate costs and values are incorporated into your estimations.

Collaborate and streamline your project data management

Improve collaboration by allowing the GIS, geotechnical and design groups to integrate their data into a single planning overview.

Make better decisions by considering all viable alternative

Detect conflicts directly and analyze existing situation, design standards, terrain, geological, and hydrological data, environmental areas, property ownership, and cost information in a simultaneous optimization process and get all viable alternatives.

Quantity takeoff across the complete model

Efficient and accurate quantity takeoff across the complete model, independent of what tool was used to create the data.

Real-world visualization as-you-design

Realistic looking model gives design real look and feel straight out of the designed data, with no extra effort using separate visualization tool.

Connect Your Data:

We have several solutions that can help make estimating more efficient. Take a look:

Connected Construction

Our innovative suite of software solutions is designed to connect the entire project lifecycle, from start to finish.

Concept & Design illustrators
& Design
Schedule Management illustrators
Schedule &
Project Management
Construct & Execute Illustrator1s
& Build
Operate & Maintain Illustrators
Operate &

Meet WorksOS

A new platform that integrates data to deliver 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan into a single dashboard.

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