Feasibility Planning

Find and analyze the full range of alternatives for your road or railway corridor

Trimble offers feasibility planning tools to help engineers define and optimize corridors and alignments from A to B.

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The Optimal Road or Railway

View all feasible alternatives to help make the best decisions by considering multiple factors simultaneously during the alignment analysis phase.

  • Optimal tool for small road and rail project
  • Optimal tool for large and complex road highway and high-speed rail projects
  • Combines GIS data, unit costs, and geometric parameters
  • Gather and analyze the existing situation, design standards, terrain, geological, and hydrological data, environmental areas, property ownership, and cost information in a simultaneous optimization process from small to large projects

Plan for Sustainability with Better Environmental and Public Outcomes

The CO2 Calculator will forecast carbon dioxide emissions that will be generated during the construction of a road or railway project, including the expected CO2 output for moving materials, preparing land, and constructing structures along each alignment.

You can also forecast the CO2 emissions that will be produced by traffic using the new infrastructure, enabling major infrastructure projects to evaluate millions of alternatives to understand the viability and to understand and optimize the tradeoffs between cost, CO2 impact of construction, and the long term CO2 impact of operating the infrastructure.

  • CO2 Calculator enables users to already in the feasibility phase forecast the CO2 emissions that will be produced in the construction phase of a project as well as by the traffic on the finished road
  • Daily traffic flow average speed
  • Design criteria
  • Environmental impact on fuel consumption
  • Vehicle parameters

Reduce Financial Risk

Invest in a better future by including detailed cost specification into the calculation when generating multiple alternative routes to make the best decisions.

  • Reduce investor risk and provide more accurate estimates for tightly constrained budgets
  • Insert all types of factors with accurate costs that affect the alignment, the cost of structures such as bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, the cost of earthworks and excavation of different material types, the cost of expropriation of land, the cost of road pavement or rail track and ballast, etc.

Reduce Planning Time

The tool automatically calculates all alternative corridors and compares thousands of different alignment alternatives to find the most optimal line, without manual calculations.

  • Automate the process
  • Visualize true 3-dimensional optimizations to view proposed alignments more realistically
  • Assess multiple corridors in a short period of time and gain a good overview of the area
  • Export alignments to Google Earth

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Data Integrations


Easily export data to other software systems with e.g. DXF, Esri Shape, Land XML

Connect Your Data:

Solution integrations to make your construction workflows quicker and smarter.

  • Trimble Quadri
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Google Earth
  • Civil 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • Infraworks
  • Microstation
  • Open Roads Designer
  • Open Rail

Collaborate with Feasibility Planning Information

Shared data from Trimble’s feasibility planning software ensures all project contributors have the latest information to empower their decisions and become more productive.

Tim Belliveau

Transportation Engineer, Stantec

Not only do we save time and money, we always have a more complete route plan.

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