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Easily create detailed transport infrastructure designs that are construction ready and object oriented

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Trimble offers domain-specific modules to help you efficiently design complex 3D transport infrastructure models, to get precise, consistent, and sustainable results.

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Comprehensive model-based design

No matter what type of civil project you are working on designing, our easy to use 3D construction design software can help you get the job done. Novapoint infrastructure design toolset gives engineers the power to effectively design all aspects of modern roads and railways to create comprehensive model-based design to use throughout a construction project. Novapoint advanced software covers all design disciplines for infrastructure.


Constructability built in from the start of the 3D model design

With Novapoint you can efficiently build complex models and share your models to be used in the construction phase and closing the traditional gap between office and field.

  • Daylight surfaces with break lines, road superstructure, incl. deep blasting and soft spot removal
  • 3D Manholes with stakeout point and lines, pipes, and ditch surfaces with material layers
  • Road Sign plates ready for manufacturing
  • 3D road marking with detailed material attribution
  • Tunnel geology registration during construction

See real-world visualization as you design

With Novapoint’s deep integration with Quadri civil bim collaboration software, your design is continuously visualized in a virtual real-world environment. Using one design and one model creates more scale and efficiencies to save time and increase your construction productivity. There’s no need for an additional visualization tool when you choose Novapoint for your 3D design modeling software with any construction project.

  • Design and visualize as one integrated construction workflow
  • Experience the power of the 3D construction view, supporting trees, water, sky, traffic signs, buildings, etc.
  • Terrain texturing from orthophotos or WMS
  • New 3d design is always visible by the automated blending of corresponding existing terrain areas

Information views from a shared model

Quadri integrates with Novapoint domain modules to provide an efficient design modeling software platform for harvesting information across all the domains. Your valuable construction data can be presented in a variety ways for multiple views to harness the power of construction technology to increase your productivity. View your 3D model and get accurate construction takeoff across the complete model and project.

  • 3D view
  • Visualizer view
  • Long section view
  • Cross section view
  • Plan view
  • Properties view

Drawing module for Novapoint

The Drawing module for Novapoint and Quadri is a cost effective and easy-to-use CAD engine that is optimized to support model-based workflows to and from the 2D and 3D CAD environment. It includes all the necessary CAD tools needed for infrastructure design and supports the full range of Novapoint domain applications. Produce plan, profile and cross section drawings directly from your Quadri model for your domain.

Trimble Quadri, Novapoint and the Drawing module provide a complete solution for infrastructure design and drawing production from early design through the construction phase and providing an as-built model for the maintenance phase.

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Data Integrations

Integrated Software

Novapoint is fully integrated with Quadri in a bidirectional workflow.

Import/ Export

Share your designs and model data with others. Novapoint provides a complete set of possibilities to get stakeout, quantities, scheduling, and export to different export format e.g. IFC, LandXML, Open DWG/DGN.

Facilitated by Leading Software Connection

Most of the integration between Novapoint and other solutions is through Quadri. Example: Novapoint Road produces a road model that is sent to Quadri. Tekla Structures, Tilos, etc. can get this road model from Quadri.

Connect Your Construction Data:

Construction productivity integrations to make your construction project workflows quicker and smarter.

  • Trimble Quadri
  • AutoCAD
  • Civil3D
Connected Construction

Discover the power of connected construction technology

Maximize productivity of each phase of the construction project lifecycle by leveraging Trimble advanced construction software – specifically built to connect each step, role and stakeholder. From concept and design to schedule and project management, construct and build and even the operate and maintain phases of construction, our integrated software solutions use the power of connected data and workflows to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and produce more profit.

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Collaborate with 3D Design Modeling Information

Shared data from Trimble’s 3D design modeling software ensures all project contributors have the latest information to empower their decisions and become more productive.


Discover the Power of Civil BIM Collaboration

As designed. As built. As expected. Collaborate in real-time in one shared model throughout your construction project. Civil BIM Collaboration from Trimble helps you keep track of changes and access the model anywhere, at anytime.

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Roger Johansen

Project Manager, Aas-Jakobsen

One of the reasons for getting very few errors and mistakes is that all design has been done in 3D, with conflict control for all disciplines. That gives us good control and excellent work progress.

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Ready to see 3D Design Modeling from Trimble in action?

No matter your role or stage in the construction project lifecycle, we can help you be more productive. Let’s chat through your business needs and schedule a demo to show you 3D design modeling in action.

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