Engineering Management & Design Engineering

Improve design efficiency and control with a full range of world-class, integrated, multi-discipline civil BIM design tools

Successful construction engineering requires following a meticulous process. With Trimble’s advanced technology solutions, you can optimize that design process and easily collaborate with both owners and contractors, delivering a construction-ready design, built with confidence. Trimble construction software helps you:

  • Optimize the Design Process

    All team members can share model-data across all disciplines, where changes are shared continously in a transparent and agile process.

  • Deliver Construction-ready Design

    Minimize idle time, downtime and theft, and extend the life of your equipment.

  • Collaborate Throughout the Project

    Track design changes through real-time collaboration in one central model.

Collaborate and streamline your project data management

Design a consistent and complete project model, using model sharing no matter where the design data comes from.

Minimize design errors with continuous model sharing

With continuous model sharing you efficiently minimize design errors. Always updated, always available.

Quantity takeoff across the complete model

Efficient and accurate quantity takeoff across the complete model, independent of what tool was used to create the data.

Real-world visualization as-you-design

Realistic looking model gives design real look and feel straight out of the designed data, with no extra effort using separate visualization tool.

Connect Your Data:

We have several solutions that can help make engineering management & design engineering more efficient. Take a look:

Connected Construction

Our innovative suite of software solutions is designed to connect the entire project lifecycle, from start to finish.

Concept & Design illustrators
& Design
Schedule Management illustrators
Schedule &
Project Management
Construct & Execute Illustrator1s
& Build
Operate & Maintain Illustrators
Operate &

Meet WorksOS

A new operating system technology platform that integrates data to deliver 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan into a single dashboard to increase construction productivity.

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No matter your role or stage in the construction project lifecycle, we can help you be more productive. Let’s chat through your needs with our product experts to show you our connected construction technology in action.

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