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Trimble Business Center Version 5.50 - 3D Drive Feature

3D Drive allows for a visual inspection for verification and accuracy of the surface for takeoffs and GPS models.

This is a presentation tool for showing a 3D model of a planned construction project before it is built in the field. The accuracy of the 3D view gives an understanding of how accurate the 3D model will be from design. With the latest release, you can The 3D Drive View has been enhanced as follows:

- Drive across one of two selected surfaces to identify cuts and fills. For example,
you can drive across a final graded surface to identify cuts and fills related to the initial ungraded surface at precise coordinates. If you change the zoom level or view direction while driving along an alignment or across a surface, click the new Reset button at any time to reset the default zoom level and default straight-ahead view. x

- Use the Project Settings to select from a predefined list of vehicle, instrument, and people icons (Sketchup models) to display in the view, or create your own and easily import it into your project.

- As an alternative to the first-person from-vehicle view, use the Project Settings
to select a third-person view from behind the vehicle at varying distances and heights as necessary to optimized the perspective.

- Select a line or alignment along which the vehicle will self-drive.

- Use your Arrow keys to conveniently turn the vehicle when driving across a