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Common Challenges with Cost Estimating with Trimble Quest

A 30-minute video from Trimble's Preconstruction series: Overcoming Costly Preconstruction Issues: Where to Start

Errors and mistakes from estimating have serious consequences to your bottom line and can cause issues throughout the entire project lifecycle. We all know mistakes can happen, but you need to have systems in place to avoid or lessen the impact on the overall construction project.  

Have you ever experienced any of these common problems?

  • Discrepancies in data due to different versions of estimates being used 
  • Errors, when changes are made to the estimate and all dependencies and repercussions, are not understood, or markup is applied incorrectly
  • Cost calculations based on inaccurate quantities causing mistakes
  • Data transferring between the estimate and the schedule incorrectly  


When working on a team, We hear too often that not everyone is working off the latest version of the estimate, which creates delays, re-work, and impacts profit margins.