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Trimble Quadri NA Launch Civil BIM Collaboration Software

Trimble Quadri does two main things: It bridges the gap between design and construction while NOT disrupting the workflow on either side. It enables collaboration earlier in the project so constructors and engineers can solve problems in the model, not during construction. The second thing is Quadri facilitates the creation of digital as-builts by being the storage vehicle for all project data while keeping it in the context of the model.

What is Quadri?  A platform for infrastructure information facilitating access throughout the construction lifecycle

Quadri is a tool for all project stakeholders.  Engineers are challenged with delivering innovative designs that differentiate their firm from their competitors and help them win new business.  When they design for approval instead of designing for constructibility, the onus falls on the contractor to take what they get and make it constructible(feed machine controls). For contractors, this work is in most cases a sunk cost where they often have a lot of work to do to the model in Trimble Business Center to be able to feed machine controls. 


Add to the mix FHWA’s EDC-6 initiative pushing for digital as-builts as standard project deliverables and the challenges multiply for the contractor.  For the DOT/Owner, they have a data problem: lots of data, all in silos, and thus they are not getting any real value from that data.  Quadri bridges the gap between designers and constructors makes it easy to make models constructible and fixes the data problem by taking all those disparate sources of data and putting them in the context of the model, thus adding value and making it meaningful to M&O.