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Quadri Guidebook - a Collaboration Platform for Infrastructure Projects

One central BIM model accessible to all stakeholders.

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Trimble Quadri is a BIM collaboration platform for infrastructure projects. It allows real-time collaboration in a central model, where you keep track of changes and access the model from anywhere, at any time, and in any project, using your favorite design tool.


The Quadri Workflow

Quadri acts as a core model production platform, where users may use design applications from different vendors, collaborating by continuously sharing models in a multi-user BIM environment. To get data from Quadri to the design software, you select or make a query for the needed data. The data you need is reference data for your design. The reference data you get is result data from other software. You create your design in your software, which then will be located correctly based on the reference data. When you have finished your design, you send back the resulting data to Quadri in order to see your design in the context of the entire project. When you do changes in your design later on in the project - queries will help you get the latest version of reference data. You can also import & export data using open file formats like IFC, LandXML, GML, or native files from different software.


Powerful Model

Increase productivity and innovate efficiently
Trimble follows international standards, where Quadri is based on ISO 19100 series of standards. Being an open, live data model for infrastructure. Share your central model in the cloud according to BIM requirements (BIM maturity from level 3 and 4). Quadri provides a shareable "single source of truth" for core project data that needs to be aligned, well organized, up-to-date, and easy to get to all parties.


Classify objects

The Feature Type Catalogue (FTC) provides the object definitions for the system so that Quadri can underpin a truly BIM oriented way of classifying the information. Quadri is flexible with regard to running with different FTC*.

Since the Quadri model can be configured for various FTC adapted to customer needs, this opens up for bridging the gap between planning, design, construction and asset management. 

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