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WorksOS picks up 2 construction industry awards

Trimble WorksOS, launched at ConExpo 2020, won the Construction Equipment Top 100 New Product of 2020 Award and has also been selected as a Top 30 Editor’s Choice Award by Asphalt Contractor Magazine



The Construction Equipment Top 100 Product of 2020 Award honors new products across nine categories: heavy earthmoving; trucking and hauling; paving and compacting; lifting and material handling; drilling and trenching; light equipment, technology; and ancillary products.




Asphalt Contractor Magazine recognizes new and groundbreaking products that represent the equipment and innovations contractors have put to the test and say they can't work without.




These awards call special attention to the most significant new products announced each year, serving to emphasize innovations and highlight those who are investing in research and development.


Trimble WorksOS is a cloud-based operating system delivering 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan for site supervisors and project managers to maximize jobsite efficiency.


WorksOS Solves For:

  • Progress to plan visibility for each project in a single dashboard, with real-time cut, fill, volume, and compaction data
  • Real-time progress versus plan updates from the field using a central site design to drive your machine activity
  • Automation of field data collection for accurate, real-time feedback on the progress of work done against the design in production quantities

Congratulations to the teams for their hard work, innovative spirit, and ability to deliver a solution that exemplifies that





Construction Equipment Top 100 Product of 2020 Awards

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