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Trimble Connected Construction - Trimble Business Center WorksOS WorksManager

Watch this video to see how connected construction works for the construction contractor. At Trimble, we look at the construction process from the very beginning stages – the concept design phase through the execute construction phase and then into the own operate and maintain phase. In this video, we focus on the execute construction phase and specifically three core software products: Trimble Business Center, Trimble WorksManager, and Trimble WorksOS. These products make up the core of the connected construction workflow.

If we take a look at where a project starts for a contractor, it's going to typically start at the takeoff or bid phase. With Trimble Business Center you're going to get digital data from the owner or civil engineering company or designer and you're going to bring that data into Trimble Business center
to generate a takeoff. 

You're going to generate your earthwork volumes and report your material quantities. This data can come in many formats It could be CAD data PDF data or LandXML design data. Throughout this process, you may want to analyze and refine how you're going to move this material on the project. It could be a site project or a corridor project and with the site and corridor mass hall functionality that Trimble Business Center provides you're going to be able to optimize how you're going to move that material on the particular project, you're working on. Learn more about job site productivity here.