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The Answer to Seeing How Your Crew Really Spends Their Time

At the end of a long workday, the thought of hours of paperwork can feel painful. Yet it’s also necessary to track crew activities and time as well as the materials they are using. Being able to track how your crew is spending their time is information you need in order to have the right materials on hand and labor levels planned. Accurate information about how long something takes to do, whether by you or your crew, is also a critical part of creating better estimates and submitting bids. 

Gathering logs on paper is one way to document how your crew is spending their time. However, like many things relying on paper, it can become a burden to get the nitty-gritty details you really need. What if someone forgets to submit their daily report log? Or what if it’s incomplete? Getting that missing detail is going to take time away from any break you get between the end of one workday and the beginning of another. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

One of the best ways to save hours of your valuable time is by using a construction daily report app. With this type of cloud-based app, you can move from a pile of paperwork to a few simple steps that can be done from the front seat of your truck. 

Crew Tracking

When you use a construction daily report app, you can track job site operations and manage teams with a smartphone, tablet, or computer, which means you can run your business from anywhere. 

Specifically, with a construction daily report, you can have your crew use the app to complete work and site diaries as well as any incident reports. Once your crew has completed their work, they can enter their daily report right from the field, using a smartphone or tablet. 

In addition to saving you time by eliminating paperwork, a construction daily report app can also help with accuracy. It has designated sections where important information can be recorded and reported. For example, you can capture things like the work done that day, the number of hours worked and even lost time, such as having to wait for late supply delivery. The construction daily report also includes a place for recording comments and photos. All of the crew documentation is in one place. 

Material Usage

Not only can you track how your crew is really spending their time, but you can also keep track of materials from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. With a construction daily report app, in addition to reporting hours worked, your crew can include materials used that day. Since all of this information is included in the app, you can pull information from anywhere–the field, your truck, your home, and even the golf course. With the hours you save from having to review stacks of paperwork, you might even have time to get in a golf game or an afternoon at the lake. 

Building for the Future

Not only can a daily construction report save you time and give you more accurate information about how your crew is really spending their shifts, but you are also building up data that will help you create better estimates. With easy access to labor and hours reports as well as reports on the materials used for a project, you’ll be able to quickly pull together numbers for similar construction projects. It’s less guesswork and estimation and more “real numbers” that can help you better control your costs–and get the bid to potential customers faster.