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What’s new in Quantm version 2021?

Trimble® Quantm® 2021 is here with several enhancements and new functionality. Manage alignment planning more effectively with better data workflow between the BIM model, detailed design software and scheduling tools.

  • Integration with civil BIM collaboration software Quadri
  • Data Export to Tilos
  • Noise analysis

BIM Integration

Improved data flow between scoping, concept, feasibility, detailed design and construction. Using bidirectional task integration, Quantm can now receive terrain models and GIS data directly from Quadri, the civil BIM collaboration platform. The connection is bi-diretional, this means you can also send alignments from Quantm back to Quadri, making this data accessible to other users with access to the Quadri BIM model.

Create a time and distance schedule 

Based on the selected optimal alignment found with Quantm planners can now send the results through a XML exchange to Tilos. Planners and engineers will benefit from having such an important plan for both tender projects as well as through feasibility, design and construction. Have full control over quantities, materials and structures through in both a gantt chart and the time-distances views.

Analyze noise

Evaluate how noise impacts the community around the potential road corridor alternatives. With an overview of how the noise from the potential road will spread, gives an indicator of how the community around the project will be affected. 

Improved CO2 calculator

Forecast carbon emissions in a construction project and the long term CO2 impact of operating the infrastructure after being completed. The newest version of Quantm, you get a complete overview of CO2 in the alignment summary, both construction and traffic. 

For more information on Quantm, take a look here or to talk to a member of our team, reach out here.