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Family-Owned Kubota Dealership Integrates Telematics to Scale Business

Family-Owned Kubota Dealership Integrates Telematics to Scale Business

WClark-edit2Will Clark is the VP of Operations for Great Plains Kubota, a family-owned business, which has been in operation for over 30 years in Oklahoma. Coming from an equipment rental background, Will has worked over the last 15 years to develop and grow the Great Plains Kubota dealership. Beyond overall leadership for the company, Will is focused on continuing to develop GP Rents, the rental business arm of Great Plains Kubota, managing their assets and tracking their fleet. 

Business Profile | Great Plains Kubota

Will manages a Kubota-dominated fleet across five locations in Oklahoma and serves a market of mostly construction, but also some agriculture and homeowner customers. With a diverse equipment inventory of everything from Kubota tractors to excavators to landscaping equipment, a reliable asset tracking system is a top priority.

Common Challenges for Rental Fleet Operations

Like many rental businesses, Great Plains Kubota struggles with some of the operational complexities of managing a variety of people, places, and things. 

  • Asset Tracking - When equipment is transferred from one store to another but not recorded, visibility and control are lost for the fleet manager, leaving them feeling in the dark about the real-time status of their assets.
  • Data Management - With multiple locations there can be room for error with equipment constantly on the move and sometimes returned to the wrong location. 
  • Process Control - If asset tracking is not connected to business systems, this can leave some autonomy for activities like transfers to be handled differently from store to store or team member to team member, resulting in unreliable data.

Great-Plains-Kubota-Dealership-FleetTrimble Provides Solution for Operational Complexities of Rental Business

In an effort to find a more streamlined solution for these challenges, Will turned to Trimble and recently implemented Trimble PULSE Telematics. 

“Trimble PULSE is easy to use and more intuitive than other telematics solutions we’ve seen. In addition, the on-boarding service and support from Trimble have been tremendous, and this is incredibly important to us.” - Will Clark, VP of Operations, Great Plains Kubota

The GP Rents is now able to better manage their rental operations and equipment fleet through the use of Trimble PULSE:

  • Rental coordinators are able to receive alerts when equipment is returned by customers, ensuring that the equipment check-in is correctly recorded.
  • Equipment operating hours can be remotely monitored, to ensure that planned maintenance is completed at scheduled intervals.
  • Fleet utilization can be monitored based on equipment operating hours, providing more accurate data for equipment inventory decisions.

Telematics Solution Builds Foundation for Scalability 

Excited about the capabilities, Will is looking to the future to streamline even more of his processes by integrating the new telematics solution with his other business systems, as well as expanding his offerings to his customers by offering pre-installed telematics.

With their new solution integrated and interest from customers, Great Plains Kubota plans to offer telematics-enabled, preventative maintenance services to their customers. 

“We’d like to install the telematics device on a unit and not remove it when it’s sold, and sell that service to the customer as an extended offering in our portfolio.” - Will Clark


If you're ready to see how Trimble PULSE Telematics could help scale your business too, check out our webinar.