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Pon Cat Boosts Technician and Billing Efficiency



As the official Caterpillar dealer in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Pon Cat is committed to maximizing the uptime of its customers’ equipment and as such has deployed Trimble PULSE™ to optimize its service workflow.

With approximately 1000 technicians that repair and maintain large equipment fleets across four countries, Pon Cat needed to standardize and enhance the way it schedules and dispatches daily service tasks, and to increase technician availability.

The dealer had identified many bottlenecks in its operation: the excessive administrative work loaded onto dispatchers and technicians out in the field, the disparate systems used to manage technicians, locate equipment and invoice customers, as well as the non-billable hours spent by technicians driving between jobs.


The answer? After an initial proof-of-concept, Trimble PULSE™ was rolled out to 30% of the workforce and there is a systematic implementation plan in place to continue across the remaining locations. Trimble PULSE™ is an end-to-end service management solution, with tools for service contracts, work order management, intelligent scheduling, field mobility and state-of-the-art performance analytics. In this case, Trimble also integrated the existing timekeeping and payroll systems to offer Pon Cat a single platform for its service operation.

Download the full case study to see the results now.