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North American Roofing Improves Nationwide Fleet Operations with Trimble Fleet Management


NARoofing.pngNorth American Roofing is a pioneer in single-ply commercial roofing. The Asheville, NC-based company has installed and serviced more than 1 billion square feet of commercial and industrial roofing on more than 20,000 facilities. The company in recent years has enjoyed unprecedented growth with its focus on taking care of and retaining customers. North American Roofing selected Trimble’s cloud-based Fleet Management to run its fleet of Chevy pickup trucks and Ford cargo vans.

The Challenge

With crews dispersed throughout the country, North American Roofing needed a way to track drivers and their vehicles to improve efficiency, productivity and compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. The company was especially interested in Fleet Management’s integrated Driver Logs tool, which keeps track of each driver’s miles and hours on the road to comply with regulations such as Department of Transportation Hours of Service (HOS) requirements.

Previously, drivers were logging their hours manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone. “Our workers were using handwritten logs, but drivers often were either not tracking the mileage properly or entering inaccurate information,” says Schuette.

DOT Compliance

Violations, which were often caused by improperly filling out driver logs, can lead to fines, something every company wants to avoid. For North American Roofing, Trimble’s Driver Logs is essential for complying with the regulations. The tool has built-in safeguards against ignoring the logs.

“Electronic logs document hours of service and make sure drivers aren’t on duty longer than what is legally allowed,” Schuette says. “We ensure that the vehicles are only driven for a certain number of hours and then shut off. The DOT can ask to see the electronic logs, which show that we are in compliance with its rules.” The Driver Logs tool stores data for six months, making it easier to generate driving reports as needed.

Improved Efficiency

Thanks to Driver Logs, North American Roofing employees do less paperwork and more constructive work. Both drivers and office workers can focus on more productive tasks that more directly contribute to the company’s bottom line. The records are more accurate and reliable.

Using Fleet Management, Schuette says the company knows exactly where drivers have traveled, from point to point, and how long it takes them to get to a site, and how long they remain at each location. “If a driver doesn’t show up for a delivery, we know exactly where they are. If I get a call asking where the driver is, I can immediately see the location of the vehicle and let the customer know.

Drivers are aware that Fleet Management uses GPS to record and verify all of their activities. One activity Schuette monitors closely is speeding. Built-in driver alerts help control speeding and other risky behaviors so drivers can avoid traffic violations and the company higher insurance premiums. This has been very effective,” Schuette says. Since the company implemented Fleet Management, most weeks end without a single alert a week. “We have policies in place for a reason. It increases safety for the drivers and reduces liability for the company.”

Schuette says Fleet Management has transformed North American Roofing’s fleet operations and the solution helps him do his job better by letting him keep tabs on driver activities throughout the day. “If I can’t monitor my fleet, then I don’t know what is going on. Fleet Management provides the visibility I need to effectively manage my vehicles.”