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FMCSA provides updates on the success of the ELD Mandate so far

Since the ELD mandate went fully into effect on April 1, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently posted a new infographic on its website, to represent the positive impact Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are having on improving Hours Of Service (HOS) compliance on US roads.

According to the infographic, since the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Out-of-Service criteria for ELDs went into effect, less than 1% (4,720) of all driver inspections (559,940) have resulted in the driver being cited for operating without a required ELD or grandfathered AOBRD.

What’s more, only 0.64% of driver inspections in May had at least one HOS violation. Compared to year-over-year from May 2017, that’s an improvement from 1.31% of driver inspections that had at least one HOS violation.


Understandably, the rate dropped significantly after December 18, 2017, when the first soft enforcement phase came into effect. It dropped from 1.19% in December to 0.83% in January. The rate stayed around that mark for the first quarter of the year, then dropped again once the hard deadline hit in April, to 0.69%.

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