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Dobler & Sons Becomes ELD Compliant & Gains Hidden Fleet Efficiencies

By choosing a more comprehensive fleet management solution to ensure compliance with the recent ELD mandate, Dobler & Sons has realized additional benefits to the way it manages it’s fleet and team of drivers.


Dobler & Sons produces and transports conventional and organic baby spinach and spring mix from the field, to processing and the final customer. While many agriculture operations are exempt from the ELD mandate, Dobler & Sons drivers travel across state lines and often exceed the distance limits required to receive ELD exemptions. In addition, their drivers were spending approximately 40 minutes per day on reporting using paper logs, and when vehicle repairs were identified from driver inspections, the requests were often not documented properly resulting in repairs not being completed in a timely manner.


It approached it’s Trimble Field Service Management (FSM) dealer in Northern California, Peterson Trucks, for help with it’s business challenges. Working with Peterson, Dobler implemented the Trimble Fleet Management and FieldMaster Logs solutions, which have provided the following benefits to it’s business in addition to ELD compliance:

  • More insight – Dispatchers can track the real-time location of trucks during each phase of the produce pickup and delivery cycle.
  • Streamlined communication – Dispatchers can now communicate quickly with produce delivery sites. Customers are now ready to receive perishable products based on real-time delivery information.
  • Dispatch to driver communication – The fleet management messaging app lets dispatchers quickly communicate route changes due to traffic, or to add another stop to a driver’s route.
  • Vehicle maintenance – Vehicle diagnostics offer real-time analytics and reporting on fuel, carbon, odometer and fault codes.
  • Continuous cost savings with tracking – Better reporting and tracking translates to shorter truck idle times, accurate routing and fuel savings, and meeting delivery time targets.


Download the full case study to see the results now.