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There’s An App for That! Project Management Made Easier

As the construction industry continues to grow, projects are becoming more and more complex. With many players in the game and various levels of involvement from owners and subcontractors, the pressure is on for project managers to stay within budget and meet tight deadlines. Between this, and many other factors, project managers carry a heavy burden, knowing that the smallest mistake or miscommunication can cause a delay or increase in cost.

While this pressure can impact the success of any job, technological advancements are making it possible to better manage projects from start to finish, making it easier to streamline workflows and increase efficiencies.

So how does an app help manage your projects?

Estimate Costs, Changes, and Wins

The most important aspect of any successful project is fully understanding the scope and cost. It’s crucial for construction project managers to plan and budget accurately and manage change orders as they pop-up throughout the project. With an app like Contractor WorkZone, this is possible from the palm of your hand. With estimates, invoices, change orders, and more, you have full transparency into where every dollar is spent; allowing you to better estimate future projects.

Staff Time & Task Management

Project management apps like Contractor WorkZone help leaders, foremen, and superintendents streamline projects from the office to the field. Project managers can easily delegate tasks and manage staff time while employees can report on job-site updates and project changes.

Additionally, cloud-based time sheets allow employees to easily clock in and out of a project in real-time. By replacing piles of paper timesheets, owners can drastically improve payroll workflows while better understanding where and how time is spent.

Improve Communication & Embrace Collaboration

Some may argue that most project mishaps are a result of poor communication. By using a mobile app such as Contractor WorkZone within the field and the office, you can ensure you’re on the same page with all project stakeholders. From your staff and subcontractors to vendors and owners, apps for contractors deliver transparency and communication with real-time messaging, meeting notes, site instructions and more. This readily-available communication tool streamlines operations; ultimately saving you time and money.