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Solving the Construction Labor Shortage

Despite almost a decade of booming growth, the construction industry faces a substantial hurdle: a labor shortage. This issue of not enough people to do the work has created problems with being able to take on new projects, meet deadlines, and contain costs. However, as daunting as the challenge to recruit and retain skilled workers can be, the solution could be in the palm of your hand. Or on the phone in your pocket.

Why is That?

Technology could be the key to helping with the construction labor shortage. To combat issues with recruiting and retaining skilled workers now and in the future, it’s important to understand what Millennials (22-37 years old) and Gen Z (ages 0-21 years old) want in their careers—and how technology influences their behaviors. By understanding younger (and future) workers, construction companies can determine shifts they can make with technology to attract and keep the workforce they need to secure new projects and deliver them on time and on budget.

Consider the Gen Z Workforce Today

Why look at Gen Z now when considering the construction industry labor shortage? According to a high school careers study, 55% of high school students shared that their parents are already putting pressure on them to gain professional experience during high school. Perhaps due to the exorbitant cost of college, parents are encouraging their children to look at careers and the required skills before graduating high school.

Getting the attention of Gen Z today could mean reaching workers who are ready to take on roles in the construction industry at an earlier age, especially if on-the-job training is as valuable as earning an advanced degree.

If the construction industry leverages technology as well as the drive and imagination of a workforce that has experienced things unimaginable to previous generations, these employees could bring powerful, exciting innovation to further propel growth. And the key to this could be as simple as better utilizing the phone in your pocket through something like a construction management tool or contractor app.

To learn more about how you can combat the labor shortage, download this white paper.