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How Much Time is Paper Costing You?









When it comes to construction profitability, it’s safe to say that time equals money. To put this in perspective, let’s think about all of the hours that go into filling out timecards, driving around town just to drop off a signed contract, and going through every detail of an invoice and comparing it to materials ordered. For many contractors, this adds up to over 12 hours per week that could be spent doing what you actually got into the business for; working onsite.

We all know that time could be saved by being a little more productive when it comes to construction processes, but let’s put some numbers to it. According to techahead, the average value of paper per employee is $80. What’s even more shocking is that 40% of construction companies are using paper plans on the job. So what happens if there’s a change to the plans? Well in most cases, there will need to be new plans printed, meetings held, and a very clear line of communication.


End of the “Paper Era”

These days, adopting technology like a construction mobile app has become necessary in order for companies to survive. Think about the time and money that could be saved by switching from paper to a digital solution; not to mention the increase in productivity. By implementing construction software, businesses will have more accurate, real-time data which ultimately bridges the communication gap on job sites.

Ditch the paperwork!

See how much time a construction management app can save you. In this document we take a look at common daily tasks for a construction business and compare the time it takes to complete each task with paper versus using a construction app. Download a full copy here.

When you look at the amount of time that could be saved, are you surprised by the results? Just think about it, you could be saving up to 12 hours per week, just by switching to a mobile construction app. We know that using a digital solution and changing your workflows can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Regardless of the technology, taking that leap of faith to adopt a new tool could be the reason for your business success. Choose the technology that you’re most likely to create a long-term relationship with and slowly adopt it, one feature at a time. Soon you’ll see how much time paper was costing you and you’ll never want to look back!