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Quick Ways to Maximize Your Construction ROI

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Why You Need an ROI Construction Calculator for Project Management

Any construction business owner you ask would agree: time equals money. Without profitable projects, it’s nearly impossible for any business to stay afloat. Although many will deny it, technology, or lack thereof, is the culprit for profit loss. For many reasons, the construction industry has fallen short when it comes to technological advancements and without a doubt, it has an impact on the cash flow. Legitimate concerns come about when construction business owners contemplate adopting new technology: Will the cost be worth the benefits? Will it really increase productivity?

According to research, construction executives are more likely to invest in technology if it aids in boosting profitability. In a survey by Vistage CEO Confidence Index, 73% of CEOs at small-to-mid-sized construction companies believe that their success is reliant on efficiencies that result in a reduction of time and/or cost. So why is there still such a lag in technology adoption? Truth is, some business owners just wonder if it’s worth it. With this simple construction ROI calculator, you can see for yourself!

One of the most common questions business owners have is how to calculate overhead and profit in construction. There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest ways is to determine where you lag in productivity. Unfortunately for many construction companies, productivity is lost due to a lag in technology adoption and spending time on paper workflows.

Ready to see how much time paper workflows are costing you? Check out the construction ROI calculator above for a quick answer.

We’ve made our ROI calculator easy to use and understand (just like our construction document management app), so we know it will only take you a few minutes to calculate just how much time and money you are currently losing by using paper and spreadsheet for your project management in the construction and service trade.

Make the move to higher productivity and construction technology
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After you’ve checked out the ROI construction calculator, we know you’ll be looking to increase productivity for your construction and contractor job management. The good news is we have you covered with a job manager mobile app that makes the transition to technology easier. Download our free project management app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!